3mk Hyper Charger GaN USB / USB-C QC PD 140W wall charger white

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HyperCharger 140W

The highest charging standard

5 USB ports – charges up to 5 devices at the same time

GaN technology – charges efficiently, saving energy

Universal – will charge any device with a USB input

Quickly charges up to 5 devices at once

Hyper Charger 140W charges up to 5 different devices at the same time with a power of 140W in the Quick Charge and Power Delivery fast charging technology. Thanks to this, in a short time the batteries in smartphones, laptops or tablets are full again and the devices are ready to work. The perfect solution for travel – instead of five chargers, you take one – Hyper Charger 140W. With this charger you are simply maximally mobile!

Charges efficiently and energy-efficiently

Hyper Charger 140W charges with power saving electricity. The charger uses an innovative transistor based on GaN semiconductor, which minimizes energy loss in the form of heat. Therefore, the charging process is highly efficient and your electricity bills are lower. Hyper Charger 140W is a practical eco solution for the present times.

It connects devices and people

Smartphone, laptop, tablet, headphones, watch and other devices with USB input – you can charge it all with Hyper Charger 140W. That is why it is an ideal charger for household members, employees and travelers. Importantly, charging 5 devices is safe, because the charger has surge protection that adjusts the voltage to the type of connected device. 5 devices, 5 people and as many as 5 opportunities to meet at one charger (-: What decision? Are you hooking up?

It delights with the design

Compact, elegant and modern – that's what Hyper Charger 140W is all about. The GaN technology used in the charger makes it possible to close the high charging power in a small device. Thanks to this, you can fit our charger in your pocket and in your purse to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop or headphones to it whenever you need it. Hyper Charger 140W is great power in a compact form!

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