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Hyper Car Charger 30W – Energy on the go

Two USB Ports – Charges two phones at once

Unique design – fits any car interior

Durable aluminum – use for many years

Loads more than one

Does more mean better? In the case of our charger, definitely yes. Two USB-A and USB-C ports mean two phones that you can charge while driving. Perfect if you're traveling with a passenger or if you have more than one phone. With our charger you can be sure that the batteries are always full to talk freely and use the application. Do you care about the maximum convenience of charging on the road? Choose Hyper Car Charger 30W with two USB ports!

Durable and reliable

That's what Hyper Car Charger 30W is like. The charger is made of aluminum resistant to mechanical damage, so that it can still charge your phones with power even after years. It will not chip or break, and what's more, it will be an elegant addition to the interior of any car. If you're looking for a reliable travel companion, the Hyper Car Charger 30W is the perfect solution.

It impresses with its unique design

When designing Hyper Car Charger 30W, we focused on a modern look in a practical form. As a result, our charger is neat, does not protrude beyond the cigarette lighter socket and catches the eye with its aluminum gloss. The minimalist design fits the interior of both a limousine and an off-roader. Hyper Car Charger 30W is so versatile and convenient that it's a pity not to have it!

Charges safely

We want to feel safe in the car. That's why we equipped our charger with surge protection, so that charging two different phone models at the same time is completely safe. You fasten your seat belts, connect your private and business phone to the Hyper Charger 30W and you're on your way. Zero stress because you know that smartphones have full batteries and there is no risk of short circuit when charging. With our charger you simply feel more confident on the road.

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