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Hyper Car Charger 45W – Power meets portability!

45W efficient work – fast and effective charging
universal and compatible – charge 2 devices at once
Safe and reliable – irreplaceable in everyday charging

45W of power for your devices!

Hyper Car Charger offers 45W of efficient power that provides express charging for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Don't waste time waiting – now even the shortest trip can be used to recharge your device's battery.

Universal and compatible

Hyper Car Charger 45W is compatible with most mobile devices available on the market. It has two charging sockets, which allows you to charge two devices at the same time. This is an ideal solution for people who use several mobile devices intensively and want to have them always ready for use.

Safe devices in a safe car

Hyper Car Charger 45W is equipped with a security system that protects your devices against overheating, overvoltage and excessive charging. Moreover, it is equipped with safeguards to protect your car while charging.

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