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Hyper Charger 35W™

Comfortable charging

A remedy for lack of space – so neat that you can hide it and use it practically anywhere
Incredible ease of use – thanks to the 90° input and USB-C ports located at the bottom
2 USB-C inputs – safe, simultaneous charging of 2 different devices with a power of up to 35W
Full compatibility – fits all mobile devices, including laptops

Indispensable when there is no space

Hyper Charger 35W™ is an exceptionally small and neat wall charger that can be easily connected to a countertop socket or a socket hidden behind furniture. The lightweight, compact charger can be conveniently taken with you on a trip to charge all your equipment when a power source appears on the horizon. Tight, hard-to-reach spaces are a natural working environment for Hyper Charger 35W™.

Extremely comfortable

Hyper Charger 35W™ offers extraordinary ease of use. In addition to its compact dimensions, it has a 90° input and USB ports located at the bottom (in standard chargers, the inputs are located on the side). Thanks to this, it can be easily plugged even into a socket that is difficult to access, e.g. behind the sofa. It does not prevent furniture from being pushed to the wall. It reduces the risk of damaging the charging cable when using it in tight spaces.

Charges 2 devices simultaneously

Hyper Charger 35W™ effectively solves the problem of devices discharging at the same time. Thanks to two USB-C inputs, it allows you to simultaneously renew energy in two different mobile devices. Hyper Charger 35W™ is a universal charger, compatible with many mobile devices: from small smartphones to large laptops. The user does not have to choose which device to charge first or rush to look for a second charger. The maximum charging power is 35W.

Renews energy quickly

Hyper Charger 35W™ is a charger with Quick Charge. It is an ideal gadget for a user of many mobile devices. It regenerates energy instantly and is 100% safe for the batteries in the charged devices. Thanks to Quick Charge technology, increased voltage current flows to connected devices. As a result, the charging process takes much less time. You can save up to several dozen minutes on each charge!

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