Accessories – 3mk Hyper GaN Charger 33W

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Hyper Charger 33W

Big power in a small size

Two USB ports – charges two mobile devices at the same time
GaN technology – efficient charging by saving energy
Minimalist design – fits in any pocket

Charging more than one device

The USB-A and USB-C port allows you to charge up to two devices simultaneously. Both ports charge at 33W, so you have a full battery in your phone, tablet or laptop in no time. Hyper Charger 33W is an essential charger if you use your personal and professional phone frequently. Increase your mobility with Hyper Charger 33W!

Charge quickly and economically

We equipped Hyper Charger 33W with an innovative transiter based on GaN semiconductors. As a result, the battery charge is very efficient and energy efficient despite the small size of the charger. You connect two devices, charge the batteries and put the charger in your pocket. Hyper Charger 33W rhymes with comfort and speed that are worth the experience!

Keep it in your pocket

When designing Hyper Charger 33W, we focused on modern design and compact size. The charger is stylish and fits easily in your pocket, purse or saddle bag. Now you can always have a charger with you to charge your phone, tablet or laptop when you need it. Practical and durable – these are the watchwords of Hyper Charger 33W!

Use longer

Hyper Charger 33W is made of high-quality plastic to be able to charge your devices with strength for years to come. It is resistant to mechanical damage, so you can take it with you on the longest journeys. With Hyper Charger 33W you will discover a new quality of charging!

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