Acefast charger GaN 65W 3 ports (1xUSB, 2xUSB C PD) UK plug white (A44)

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GaN charger with UK plug Acefast A44 up to 65W with 3 ports: USB and 2 x USB C (white)

Are you looking for a charger with a UK plug that will be able to charge up to three devices at the same time? Choose Acefast A44 – a modern GaN charger. Thanks to the technology used, the manufacturer has achieved better performance results with smaller dimensions. The Acefast A44 charger is compatible with many devices and fast charging protocols. In addition, you can fit it in any backpack.

The most important advantages of the GaN charger with UK plug and 3 Acefast A44 ports:

  • More performance in a smaller package . GaN technology allows to reduce the dimensions of the charger while increasing its efficiency
  • It is compatible with many devices . The charger will power phones, tablets, laptops, Nintendo Switch console and others
  • It will charge your device really fast . The Acefast A44 charger can supply up to 65W to a compatible device
  • It fits in any bag or backpack . It has compact dimensions and weighs little
  • Protects the charged device from overheating . The use of gallium nitride means that the charger does not generate high temperatures during operation
  • You don't have to worry about overvoltage, overcharging or excessive current . The built-in chip has multiple levels of protection


  • Manufacturer: Acefast
  • Model: A44
  • Plug: UK
  • Exit:
    • USB C 1: max 65W (PD, PPS, QC4, AFC, SCP, FCP)
    • USB C 2: max 30W (PD, PPS, QC 4, AFC, SCP, FCP)
    • USB: max 30W (QC 3.0, AFC, SCP, FCP)
    • USB-C 1 + USB-C 2: 45W + 20W
    • USB-C1 + USB: 45W + 18W
    • USB C 2 + USB: 5V-3.6A/18W
    • USB-C 1 + USB-C 2 + USB: 45W + 18W
  • Material: fireproof PC
  • Dimensions: 87.9 x 52.8 x 48.4mm
  • Weight: 143g
  • White color

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