Baseus car charger 2x USB 4.8A 24W with LCD gray (CCBX-0G)

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Baseus car charger 2x USB 4.8A 24W with LCD:

  • Intelligent car charger with charging voltage display. Compact gadget equipped with 2 USB ports with a total output current of 24W / 4.8A. Perfect for charging the batteries of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Charging under control – Thanks to the charging voltage display , you always know with what power the energy of your equipment is being renewed. In addition, the accessory also shows the voltage received from the car battery, which can help you spot a problem with it faster . You also don't have to switch anything. The value on the screen automatically jumps between the three categories mentioned every 5 seconds.
  • Initial battery diagnostics – The gadget also displays the voltage transmitted to it by the car battery . When starting the car, the yes value should be between 13.3V and 14.8V . When charging, the normal voltage is between 12V and 13.2V , but if it is lower than 12V , it is worth checking the battery condition.
  • 2 devices at the same time – 2 ports allowing you to connect, and thus renew the energy of 2 devices at the same time ! You don't have to wait for the first hardware to finish charging to connect the second.
  • High-quality materials – Made of a combination of fireproof and durable materials: PC and ABS . Resistant to falls and excessive heating.
  • Dual Intelligent Chip – The accessory has 2 independent intelligent management systems , each responsible for one of the ports. Thanks to this solution, the performance of the charger is always at the highest level, even with a high load and using 2 connectors at the same time. These chips also adjust the optimal voltage to the specific equipment , and thus, your device will get exactly as much current as it needs to recover in the shortest possible time. No risk of damaging the battery.
  • 6 levels of protection – Against overcharge, discharge, surge, overheating, overcurrent and short circuit. Complete protection for both the accessory and the phone .
  • Stability anytime and anywhere – Non-slip tabs on both sides of the charger guarantee adequate stability of the accessory even on the most uneven roads . You don't have to worry that the equipment will suddenly pop out of the socket with a bigger shock.
  • Wide Compatibility – The gadget is compatible with standard cigarette lighter sockets found in 99% of the most popular car models .


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Material: PC + ABS
  • Ports: 2x USB
  • Voltage (input): DC 12V-24V
  • Output current: USB1 / USB2: 5V / 2.4A; USB1 + USB2: 5V / 4.8A; 24W max
  • Weight: 28 g
  • Dimensions: 34 mm x 59.5 mm

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  • Color Grey

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