Ferrari induction cooker 15W MagSafe

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Ferrari inductive charger

The highest quality wireless inductive charger is an extremely convenient product that allows you to quickly charge electronic devices without the need to use unnecessary cables. The device is signed by an elite automotive concern and is decorated with a high-quality print with the famous Ferrari logo. The accessory is precisely made and provides a fashionable look. The compact and lightweight design makes the charger very practical and easy to carry.

The charger is equipped with magnets that are perfectly matched to the device, thanks to which charging is quick and efficient. These magnets firmly adhere to the device, ensuring a stable position and avoiding accidental sliding while charging.

The device supports the Qi charging standard, which means it can be used to wirelessly charge iPhones from model 8 and AirPods with a wireless charging case. The charger works exactly like other Qi-certified chargers, allowing for hassle-free and safe use.

To use the inductive charger to its full potential, we recommend connecting it to a mains charger with an output power of 20W (V*A) or more.
Do not charge phones with cases with metal plates or payment cards.

A wireless inductive charger is a perfect solution for people who value convenience and functionality.

Product manufactured under license from the Ferrari brand

Accessory type Charger
Type Induction
Compatible with MagSafe Yes
Input power 5V—3A, 9V—2.22A, 12V—1.5A
Output power 5W/7.5W/10W/15W
Exit USB-C
Maximum power: 15W
Exit USB-C
Material ABS/Aluminium
Charging efficiency ≥ 73%
Size 23.8 x 8.6 mm
Device compatibility Apple/ Samsung

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