Joyroom car charger 2 x USB with backlight 24W black (JR-CL10)

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Joyroom car charger 2 x USB with illumination 24W black (JR-CL10):

  • Intelligent car charger with 2 USB ports
  • Compact design – The charger has a simple, stylish design and a small size, thanks to which it does not take up much space in the car.
  • Effective backlight – the charger has a colorful backlight, thanks to which it will stand out in the interior of each car.
  • Even 24W! – Charging power can reach (depending on the hardware) up to 24W. Speed as with a classic wall charger.
  • Up to 2 devices at the same time – 2 ports allow you to renew the energy of up to 2 devices at the same time
  • Durable and durable – The charger housing is made of high-quality, fire-resistant PC and aluminum. High resistance + elegant appearance.
  • Several levels of protection – Among other things, against overcharging, overheating and short circuits. Complete protection for both the accessory and the phone.
  • Intelligent management system – Adjusts the appropriate voltage to the specific device.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Name: Car charger
  • Model: JR-CL10
  • Material: PC + aluminum
  • Ports: 2x USB
  • Voltage (input): DC 12 – 24V
  • Current (output): USB1 – 5V / 2.4A; USB2 – 5V / 2.4A
  • Additional features: LED backlight
  • Dimensions: 2.56 cm x 2.56 cm x 6.38 cm
  • Weight: 23g


  • Charger JR-CL10
  • User manual
  • Color Black

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