Joyroom JR-TCN02 3xUSB-A 17W 3.4A mains charger – black

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Joyroom JR-TCN02 3xUSB-A 17W 3.4A mains charger – black

Discover a new dimension of fast and versatile charging with Joyroom JR-TCN02 – a charger designed with efficiency and safety in mind. With three USB-A ports. The device allows you to charge up to three devices simultaneously and is compact and light. Thanks to universal compatibility and a range of protections, the charger will accompany you in your everyday life, providing energy even for lamps, clocks and other home devices.

Key advantages:

  • Fast charging up to 3 times faster: Thanks to advanced technology, you can charge both Samsung and iPhone devices up to 3 times faster than with traditional chargers.
  • Compact size and lightweight design: Slim design makes the charger easy to carry, perfect for people on the go.
  • Charge 3 Devices Simultaneously: Allows you to charge three different devices simultaneously, eliminating the need to use multiple power sources.
  • Universal Compatibility: The charger is compatible with a variety of mobile devices, ensuring versatile use in everyday use.
  • Power for various home devices: Not only smartphones! the solution can also provide energy for lamps, clocks and other small electrical devices in your home.
  • 6-Point Safety Protection: Protection against over-voltage, over-current and other hazards. Use your charger in complete safety!
  • Charging with less heat: Thanks to advanced technology, it ensures efficient charging with minimal heat generation, which makes it even safer to use.


  • Model: JR-TCN02
  • Material: Fireproof PC
  • Input: AC 100-240V~50/60Hz, 0.4A (Max)
  • USB-A1/A2/A3 outputs: 5V=2.4A (each)
  • USB-A1+A2/A3 output: 5V=3.4A
  • USB-A2+A3 output: 5V=3.4A
  • USB-A1+A2+A3 output: 5V=3.4A
  • Output power: 17W (Max)
  • Dimensions: 61.7*40*28mm
  • Weight: 55g

The speed you deserve

With a power of 3.4A, the charger allows you to quickly charge up to three devices at the same time, allowing you to save time and enjoy the full performance of your gadgets.

Comfort during travel and everyday use

The compact size and lightweight design make it perfect for both travel and home use. One power source is enough to charge all your devices.

Security you can count on

Thanks to 6-point protection, your devices are protected from potential threats, ensuring safe use of the charger.

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