Ugreen Qi 15W wireless charger with silicone case, compatible with MagSafe white (CD245-40123)

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Ugreen 15W Qi wireless charger with silicone case MagSafe compatible white (40123)

Do you appreciate the ability to quickly charge your phone, but do not like to look for the end of the cable every time? A magnetic charger is a gadget designed for people like you. This equipment has not only a great design. The main advantage is that there is no need to connect the cable to the phone – everything is done by charging with the use of a magnetic tip. If your phone supports the inductive charging format – you will not want to part with this charger. In addition, the set includes a stylish silicone case that will provide your charger with adequate grip on a flat surface.


  • Brand: Ugreen
  • Type: Magnetic charger
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Input: 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 2A
  • Input power: max. 15W

Set contains:

  • 1 x Magnetic Charger

The most important features:

  • Great design
  • Inductive charging
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Possibility to connect the phone for charging with one hand
  • Compact dimensions and light weight

A small and practical gadget

The Ugreen charger is the perfect gadget for home, office or car. All thanks to the possibility of inductive charging by applying to the magnetic tip. This means that you do not have to look for the cable end and the inconvenience of placing it in the phone socket every time you need to charge your equipment. The magnetic ending is a great advantage of the charger – it can be operated with one hand, even while driving. With its help, you can quickly and conveniently charge the phone, e.g. in the car, when you have it in the holder.

Exceptional convenience

The magnetic charger has a USB type C end. It is currently one of the standard sockets used even in laptops. In practice, this means that you can easily connect it not only to the adapter, which you then plug into the power grid (socket), but also to the laptop. In this way, you can conveniently charge your phone without distracting from work.

Fast and universal charging

Thanks to the Ugreen charger, you can charge not only your phone, but also headphones and any other equipment that supports inductive charging. The magnetic tip is a great convenience that allows you to attach it to elements made of metal. Thanks to this, you have guaranteed greater stability and no risk of its detachment during charging.

  • Color White

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